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26 August, 14

Successful Fundraising Ideas for Schools for the Upcoming Year

Looking for new school fundraising ideas this calendar year? Whether it’s time for something brand new, or just a way to make an existing program better, it’s important to learn more about some of the most common and most successful options. Here, find a guide to some of the best fundraising ideas for schools this year.


Raffles are easy, everyone knows what they are, and it’s easy to get kids and volunteers involved. Host a raffle for a specific occasion or during a specific event for the best results, and bring in prize sponsors from local businesses or organizations to keep costs low. A great idea is to combine a raffle with a school fun fair to give the parents something to do while the kids are having fun with the games and activities.

Santa’s Secret Shop:

A school holiday gift shop (ours is called a Santa’s Secret Shop) is the king of school fundraising! All the kids need to get gifts for the holidays, and none of the parents want to be the naysayer on the holiday spirit, which means it’s a near sure-fire winner. With this kind of event, all types of small and affordably priced gifts will be available for sale during a set few days before the holidays begin. Learn more about a Santa‚Äôs Secret Shop.

Candy & Cookie Sale:

This is another school fundraising classic. Instead of going the bake sale route though, consider premade cookie dough or brownies that people can buy and then make at home. The most important component is to find a high quality provider who can arrange to have lots of different tasty treats available for purchase, with a convenient system for the sorting and delivery of orders. Learn more about our Classic Cookie Dough fundraising.

Garage Sale:

Host one huge school-sponsored yard sale per season. The school keeps all of the proceeds from donated items, which most of the homeowners simply consider junk any way. Plus, with so many families from the community getting involved, it could be a really fun experience to shop through with plenty of hidden gems.

Student Artwork Sale:

Create a single idea for a student artwork display and sale event. Have the art teacher get all of the kids involved, and let them show off their creations, allowing relatives to buy personalized artwork, and even to get that work imprinted on t-shirts, mugs, key chains, or other small items. It will help to spark some creative and artistic energy from the kids, and they’ll be proud of what they put together.

Flower Sale:

This is a fun change of pace for a school fundraiser, and the key is to find a local nursery that can supply bulk flowers for cheap prices. Kids can get order forms and collect payment from family members, relatives and neighbors. Depending on the arrangement with the nursery or florist, they could either have orders picked up at their business, or even delivered.

Of course, this is only the beginning. From car washes to pizza sales, mulch sales and distribution to a huge range of other choices, there’s no shortage of great fundraising ideas for schools.

To learn more about how to run a successful school fundraising event, visit http://www.gofunservices.com/fundraising/, or call 800.362.8305. We have more than 40 years of experience putting together successful school fundraisers across western New York, western Pennsylvania, and Ohio.