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15 July, 14

Spread the Word: Ideas for Announcing Your School Holiday Gift Shop or Santa’s Secret Shop

SSS Ebook CTAOne of the major keys to success for any school gift shop program is effective promotion. In particular, parents need to become aware of the school holiday shop so that they can plan accordingly, and provide children with spending money and an inclination to make a gift purchase. Luckily, with Fun Services, it’s easier than ever to announce and promote school holiday shops.

Fun Services provides all the marketing materials necessary to help spread the word and build anticipation for a school holiday gift shop. This includes attractive posters that can be hung around the school to help let students know when and where the shop will be held.

In addition to the posters, Fun Services also supplies letters that can be sent out to parents and families. The letters get the parents updated directly, providing them with the key details, so it’s not just on the child to see a poster and then remember to bring it up at home

By directly reaching out to the parents, purchases and profitability soar. With highly effective and well-targeted letters already written by Fun Services, all the hassle and legwork is already taken care of. All that’s left is to send those letters out, and buzz for the upcoming school gift shop will quickly spread.

Fun Services also provides schools with a Success Manual. This includes suggestions about how to effectively announce school holiday shops, and provide all the details to parents and families about when, where and what the shop is all about.

In addition to posters and letters, a variety of additional techniques can be utilized, such as passing out money envelopes to children, emailing parents with the news, morning announcements during school, getting the teachers involved in the effort, and more. With a step-by-step guide to success, there’s no more guesswork or struggle.

Even better is that all of these different promotional and marketing materials are included for free with a Fun Services school holiday shop. The school only pays for the gifts that are sold, offering a solution that guarantees profitability and successful fundraising.

Any school can and will benefit from the four decades of experience Fun Services has working firsthand with school gift shop programs.

Today, Fun Services helps schools throughout Ohio, as well as western New York and western Pennsylvania, with easy, effective and highly successful school holiday shops. To learn more, call the team directly at 800.362.8305.