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School Holiday Gift Shop Supplies & Gifts from Fun Services


If you’re looking to run a school gift shop this season, then Fun Services can help you accomplish all of your goals. We provide everything you need to run a perfect school holiday gift shop, with as little hassle, stress and cost as possible. With more than 35 years of experience, Fun Services provides a school gift shop for the holidays that is easy for you to manage, fun for the students, and ultimately successful in every way.

In fact, we provide everything that you need right from the start for your school holiday gift shop. We have a wide range of great gifts, and they are all “kid-priced” and accessible, with new items every year. Everything is free, and you only pay for the gifts that are sold, and not those you have to return. Plus, we supply all of the extras for your school gift shop, like the gift bags, promotional materials, flyers, delivery and more.

We run school holiday shops throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Fun Services also has local staff to help you out and make the whole process even easier.

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