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Santa’s Secret Shop Online Agreement

Fun Services Will Provide:

  • FREE: Publicity/promotional supplies:
  • Take-home color flyers (by enrollment)
  • Money control envelopes (by enrollment)
  • 4 table covers, 4 posters and 1 door panel
  • General instruction and promotional guides
  • FREE: Delivery and Return Pickup
  • FREE: Paperwork packet, including:
  • Return envelope
  • Inventory and invoice sheets and disk
  • Current resigning bonus pack
  • FREE: Optional restocking plan
  • FREE: Holiday print gift bags (3 sizes, by enrollment)
  • FREE: Overnight re-order deliveries (if called in or faxed by 4:00pm)
  • FREE: Success Manual, helpful guide booklet

Organization Will Provide:

  • Adults to run the Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop
  • Tables to display merchandise (we recommend 3-4 additional tables to store merchandise)
  • Return of all unused bags and promotional supplies
  • Signed Tax Exemption Certificate Needed
  • School agrees to hold Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop during school hour
  • Organization agrees to notify Fun Services immediately if school is closed due to weather
  • A runner to meet our driver for pickup or restock if necessary
  • Adequate advance publicity for Shop as suggested in the Publicity Guide furnished by Fun Services
  • Payment of “merchandise not returned” and a copy of completed inventory papers must be received within ten (10) business days of the closing of your shop. If the payment is not received in time, the school will forfeit all sign-up bonuses and discounts
  • Customer agrees that no other commercial merchandise will be sold together with Fun Services’ Santa Secret
  • Shop or Holiday Gift Shop Programs
  • Years of memories for the children

Note: Customer pays for merchandise returned with stickers, price tags or damage due to such markings.

For customers scheduled for delivery/pickup by Fun Services, payment is due at the time of pickup at the end of the sale.

For customers scheduled to return merchandise by UPS, payment must be sent to Fun Services by certified mail, postmarked no later than 24 hours after the end of the sale.

Payment must be made within 7 business days after the close of your Shop. If payment is not received within this timeframe, schools may forfeit the early sign up bonus.