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Photo Booth Rental

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photo booth rental akronWhether it’s for an upcoming corporate event, or it’s for a party or gathering of any kind, a photo booth rental can be a wonderful addition that provides fun for guests of all ages.

Unlike many other party rentals, a photo booth rental will provide endless entertainment and laughs for everyone from young children up through adults. In fact, it’s one of the most popular party rentals for events these days, as they’re so versatile, flexible, fun and convenient.

That’s why Fun Services is proud to be offering photo booths among their other party rentals, allowing their clients to conveniently and easily add this fun activity to their next event.

Fun Services is currently offering a photo booth rental in two options: a space-saving open style with a pullback curtain, and the classic arcade style.

With these photo booths, pictures are printed and sliced in less than 7.5 seconds, so guests are never standing around waiting for pictures, lines don’t build up, and everyone can continue taking another turn.

Pictures can be printed as a 4 by 6 inch postcard, or 2 by 6 inch strips. Users can even instantly upload and share their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email services and more.

Video messages can also be recorded and shared as well, adding another great feature. There are also customized welcome screens and music, so that next corporate event, wedding or party can have a personalized and unique feel.

The choice to rent a photo booth will be an easy one for anybody who has ever been to an event and seen one in action. They’re true crowd pleasers, and they help guests create their own memories and take home fun souvenirs, while allowing the hosts to get in on the fun as well.

Photo booths can also be decked out with fun props and add-ons so that guests can play a bit of “dress up” and create funny poses and themed photographs. Ultimately, with a photo booth rental, guests at any event will never be bored, and the good times will keep on rolling.