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Mother’s Day Boutique – Online Agreement

Fun Services Will Provide:

Gift Merchandise on consignment for up to seven days.

FREE Publicity/ promotional supplies:

FREE Delivery and Return pickup

FREE Paper work packet, Including:

FREE Optional restocking plan

FREE Shipping Charges

Organization Will Provide:

6 – 8 Adults to run the Mother’s Day Boutique

3 – 4 Tables to display merchandise (we recommend 3-4 additional tables to store extra merchandise)

Signed Tax Exemption Certificate Needed.   * See Note Section

Tax Exemption Certificate on file – copy not needed

School agrees to hold Santa’s Secret Shop/ Holiday Gift Shop during school hours. Organization agrees to notify Fun Services immediately if school is closed due to weather.

Adequate advance publicity for Shop as suggested in the Publicity guide furnished by Fun Services.

Note: Customer pays for merchandise returned with stickers, price tags, or damage due to such markings.