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21 October, 14

How To Make The Most of Your School’s Holiday Gift Shop

The holiday season provides one of the key fundraising opportunities for schools throughout the entire year. A Santa’s Secret Shop, also simply known as a holiday gift shop, can be extremely successful. The key, of course, is learning how to make the most of it, and to maximize the opportunities at hand. Use the following tips to help increase results and to run a smooth and profitable holiday gift shop this year.

  1. Enthusiasm is Contagious: Be enthusiastic and excited, and it will spread around not only to the rest of the committee who’s helping, but also to the kids who will love taking part in the experience. Have fun!
  2. Recruit Volunteers: It’s the holiday season, so the more the merrier when it comes to the volunteer team that’s helping out. More helpful hands and more commitment offer an easier and more successful experience from start to finish.
  3. Promote Early & Often: Don’t wait until December to start promoting the holiday gift shop. Start as soon as Halloween is over to get it in everyone’s minds. Send out emails to parents, and give kids letters to take home, as well as money envelopes and gift planning flyers. Set up a sample box and keep it on display in a prominent spot, such as the trophy case.
  4. Set Up for Success: Make the experience festive, with holiday music playing and decorations to go along with your contagious enthusiasm. Place as many items as possible on the table, and consider organizing items by price, with labels displayed on the table.
  5. Smooth Operator: For a smooth experience, help the children with their money and with choosing purchases and picking out gifts for different family members. Don’t let kids wear jackets or bring in backpacks so you can prevent theft. Give each child a tote bag to shop with (provided by Fun Services).
  6. Sign up for next year: It’s never too soon!SSS Ebook CTA

Of course, for the absolute best results, with as little hassle and stress as possible along the way, turn to the Fun Services team for assistance with this year’s holiday gift shop. Fun Services has more than 40 years of experience planning successful events, parties and school fundraisers, and works across Ohio as well as western New York and western Pennsylvania.

This year’s Santa’s Secret Shop program promises to be better than ever, with fantastic new gift items for all family members and world-class support, which is always provided for all schools, from flyers to money envelopes, gift bags to shopping totes, and the “pay-for-what’s-used” policy which ensures that schools always came away in the positive. Call Fun Services at 800.362.8305 to get started planning this year’s wonderful school holiday gift shop.