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30 September, 14
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How to Host the Best Ever Fun Fairs & School Carnivals

Has the annual school fun fair stayed the same year in and year out for who knows how long? It’s time to change things up and host a fun fair or carnival that will go down for the ages as the best ever. With the right assistance and ideas, any school, church or organization can put together a fun and successful event that’s a blast for kids of all ages.fun fairs small

There’s no better place to start than with bounce house rentals. Bounce houses are always a crowd pleaser, and they also look great and help to set a fun tone for the entire event as they attract attention and get kids excited.

Inflatables have come a long way with more options than ever. Today, there’s a near limitless range of different types of bounce houses, including ones that look like tigers or monster trucks, palm trees or jungles, and so much more. There are even massive bounce house rentals that include obstacle courses, slides, tunnels and all kinds of unique features. Imagine a 55-foot long caterpillar obstacle course filling up the school’s field or gym and then imagine how the kids will react when they see it!

Another great option is to add concessions to the event. Here, the classics work great for school carnivals or fun fairs, including cotton candy, Sno Cones, and popcorn. Easy to use machines and supplies can be conveniently provided together.

It’s not a carnival without carnival games, is it? There are dozens and dozens of different choices, from the old school to brand new entrants. Plus, tickets and prize giveaways can also be provided, adding a whole new element of fun and interest for those games, without any cost for materials and supplies that aren’t used. Cost-effective, quick and easy, it’s another fantastic way to do more with that next fun fair or carnival.

There are also fun carnival games for older children and teenagers. For example, sports challenges such as rock climbing walls, golf driving ranges and speed pitches, Lazer Tag, Fun-Ath-Alon field games, and even gladiator jousts. Don’t forget about the dunk tank and Hi Striker, either.

The Fun Services team has more than four decades of experience putting together memorable and successful school carnivals and all types of fun events. We work with schools, churches and other groups or organizations across northeast Ohio, as well as western Pennsylvania and western New York. Not only do we provide all of these great bounce house rentals, carnival games and concessions, we also handle all of the logistics for an event, and can help any group stay within budget.

Call them at 800.362.8305 for more information or to get started planning the best-ever school carnival.