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12 August, 14

ready for schoolGetting Ready for School 2014

It’s never too early to start getting ready for school. But it’s not just the kids who need to get going, it’s the parents as well. Use the following tips to get moving in the right direction before that dreaded first day of school is right around the corner.

Shopping Survival:

Back to school shopping can be an overcrowded nightmare in some stores and locations. That’s why sales are starting earlier and earlier than ever, helping parents to skip some of that stress and get the shopping done before it’s a mad house.

Beyond early sales though, plan out what is actually needed instead of knowing simply that “school supplies” or “clothing” is on the list. Make sure to look at lists that schools and teachers send out in terms of potential supply requirements, and evaluate the needs of each child in terms of the types of clothing or accessories that are essential this year. Make a list, and a budget, and stick to both.

The Routine:

Kids have to get back into the routine of waking up early enough for school, and then going to classes all day. It’s important to help wean them off their casual summer schedule during these last few weeks. For parents though, that may mean additional early responsibilities for getting food ready, or providing transportation. Don’t get blindsided by that transition, either.

Additionally, whether the kids are walking to school or to the bus stop, or getting driven or sharing in a car pool, it’s important to hash out all the details ahead of time. Show the kids where they have to go, how to get there, and how much time is required.

Daily Chores & Assistance:

Are those precious few minutes each morning crazy during the school year? It’s time to create a more concrete strategy for how to get everyone ready and out the door. Whether it’s making the lunches the night before, or doling out a different task to each kid – or adult, that’s you, dad – in the house, create a solid plan to make the ordeal easier for everyone.

Event Planning:

For parents who are involved in PTA groups or other planning organizations, it’s important to get started on event planning as well. One way to make the process easier is to look at the full school calendar year at once, marking out the holidays, and other important occasions, adding in the typical parties or other organized events that are commonly held. With dates already in mind, it’s easier to not let anything sneak up as the weeks or months go by, allowing everyone to get on the same page and figure out a plan without the last-minute stress.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to get the year kicked off in style with a fun fair or field day! Call the Fun Services team at 800.362.8035 for more information or assistance with planning any kind of amazing school year event.