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Raise the Dough with Fun Services Fundraising!!

Your school or organization will earn 40% profit from your total sales

PLUS, all orders will be pre-packaged per seller, making pick-up a SNAP!

Fun Services provides five easy steps to bring the dough in a way that everyone will ask for it year after year.

1. Coordinate your event with a catalog party and sale dates with your local Fun Services Representative.
2. Fun Services provides parents letters, brochures, order forms and money collection envelopes.
3. Promote your sale on daily announcements and send home reminders.
4. Collect all forms for Fun Services to place the order. 5.Within 4 weeks the DOUGH will be at the school.


Fun Services offers:

1. ALL sellers receive sales incentives.
2. Top Selling Cookie Dough Brochure
3. Cookie Dough has no transfats and uses REAL sugar
4. Orders are delivered by a Fun Services Representative
5. Orders are pre-packaged per seller by Fun Services, dramatically cuts volunteer time

Get started with our Customer Agreement, or call us to find out why Fun Services has the highest participation rate in the business. Contact Amy with Fun Services at 800-362-8305 for more information.