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Carnival, Field Day Games for Rent in OH, NY, PA

Below, take a look at our huge selection of carnival activities and games available for rent for any field days and fun fairs. We have enough carnival games for rent to make any crowd happy, and everyone will always remember your fantastic event. Look below for our full selection of carnival activities and games.


The Carnival Midway: This is a colorful addition to any event and fun for all young and old.  You can never go wrong with the games and prizes to commemorate your day, and this is where you can set up a number of carnival activities and games.

3 Ring Circus: Try and swing the ring around the post.

Alley Oops: Roll 3 balls down slanted table into numbered slots. Totals determine prize.

A-Maze-O: One of the classic carnival activities, roll 3 balls into colored slots. Colors determine prize. A carnival game everyone knows and loves!

Animal Fair: Can you win one of the large plush?

Ball Bingo: Get 5 in a row to win.

Ball Drop: Drop the ball in through the hole and watch it bounce around. Try to match colors to win.

Ball Bounce: Bounce the whiffle ball onto the game board to win prize.

Bank Shot: Test your I-Cue with this pool based game. shoot the ball off the back and into one of the holes.

Basketball Bounce-It: Bounce the basketball into the basket without touching the backboard for a unique twist to traditional carnival games.

Batter Up: A ball is rolled down the ramp and the player swings for the fences.

Bean Bag Toss: Throw beanbags into the big mouth of the board with this popular carnival game for rent.

Beat the Teacher: Multiple players at one time. Players release balls, first one into slot wins. The name alone will make this one of the carnival games your students love!

Birthday Wheel: Pick a date on the wheel and spin.

Blitz: Avoid getting stop short of a touchdown as you rock the game side to side. Take your running back (the ball) all the way into the endzone.

Bumper Car: Push attached car off of a rubber bumper. Where car stops determines prize.

Can Can: Throw beanbags at a five can pyramid that stands on a game platform.

Candy Land: Toss the ball into this sweet tub and win some candy. *Candy not included*

Chip Shot: Show off your putting skills on this ramped green. Get the ball into the red slot to win the first prize.

Circle Racer: Spin this hot rod around the track and see if it lands on the prize!

Crazy Hat: Get the ball into this crazy looking hat.

Crazy Peg: This game is packed with fun filled action. Spin the wheel to get the marble into the color you choose.

Crazy Quarters: Try and feed the clown quarters by placing them in the top and watch them bounce around.

Cross Bow Dart: Shoot plastic suction darts with the bow at a game board of stars.

Drop Zone: Can you get into your zone? Get the balls to fall into the same color tubes.

Duck Pond: Pick a duck from the pond. Number on bottom determines prize. One of our fun carnival activities that will bring up some fond memories from childhood.

Dunk It: Throw beanbag at the target to drop the animal into the basket.

Finish Line: Race 5 other oppents down this dice fueled race track!

Five Pin Bowling: Slide three pucks down the alley to try and knock down all five pins.

Free Throw: Take your talents to this game board. Bounce shoot the balls into the hoops.

Golf Game: Putt the golf ball down the green and into the hole. Everyone loves to rent carnival games like this quick mini golf setup.

Grand Slam: Hit the ball through the open slot to score a Grand Slam.

Hand Hockey: Shoot the puck past the goalie and score a goal just like your favorite hockey star.

Hoop-It: A very basic game of ring toss perfect for the younger crowd.

Knock-A-Block: Swing the ball to knock the dice off the platform.

Kool Pool: Knock the coin out of the circle with the cue ball.

Launch It: Place a stuffed animal on the launching pad and launch it into the basket in this variation on one of the classic carnival activities we’ve all played.

Marble Game: Roll six marbles up the lane and try to get all the same color.

Match-A-Block: Throw the balls into the tub and try to get the colors to match.

Milk Can: Throw softballs and try to get them into the milk can. The first thing many people think of when they rent carnival games as it is one of our traditional carnival ideas.

Odd Ball: Send the ball down the lane and try to get it into the slot at the end of the lane.

Over & Under: Roll balls down alley into numbered compartments. Totals determine prizes.

Pee Wee Pinball: Shoot the ball into the game and watch it bounce around until it lands in a colored slot.

Pennant Race: Spin the spinner on the baseball game boards and try to land on the Grand Slam for 1st prize.

Pick-A-Pencil: Players pick a pencil from the game board to keep. A white tip wins a prize.

Pick-A-Pop: Players pick a pop from the board to keep. A red tip wins a prize.

Pin Bowl: Can you get all three pins down with one roll of the ball down the ramp?

Ping-Pong Float: Try to toss ping-pong balls into dishes that are floating in a tub of water in a variation on one of the classic carnival games ideas we have all played.

Plinko: This classic game show game comes to your school or company.

Poster Toss: Toss the rings around the rolled poster and win it!

Prize is Right: Open the door to reveal the prize that you have won. Everyone is a winner with this carnival game!

Ring-A-Ling: Throw the rings and win the prize, one of our carnival activities that everyone is familiar with. This is a carnival rental for both a fun and light challenge.

Rebound: Shoot the metal puck of the backstop and get it to bounce back into the colored zones.

Rocker Ball: Rock out this fun pinball style game.

Roller Bowler: Player rolls bowling ball down track, over a hump. Where ball stops determines prize.

Saucer Toss: Try to toss the saucer into the opening to win a prize with this carnival idea that is often more challenging than expected.

Seven-Eleven: Toss balls into numbered holes. Totals determine prize.

Shoot the Chute: Roll the twelve-sided ball down the chute, the side that lands up determines the prize.

Shuffle Alley: Miniature version of shuffleboard, a popular and fun carnival game.

Ski Ball: Our version of the classic arcade game.

Slap Shot: Use the hockey stick to hit the puck past the goalie.

Soft Touch: Softly bounce ball off backboard into the basket. A popular choice among our many carnival games for rent.

Spill the Beans: Knock the “beans” out of their cans.

Stand-It: Try to stand up a pop bottle using a pole with a ring on the end before it rolls off of the stand. One of our more difficult carnival games available for rent.

Stomp and Send: Send the basketball rocketing to the basket with a strong stomp.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Toss balls into a divided game box. Three in a row wins.

Tip the Cat: Throw the ball and knock the cats over with this vintage carnival activity.

Treasure Chest: Pick the key that unlocks the chest and choose a prize from inside.

Troll Bridge: You shall not pass up this game. Knock the trolls out from under this bridge.