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15 July, 14

Common Mistakes Companies Make When Planning a Corporate Event

DSC03724Planning a successful company event probably wasn’t part of the job description, but now it’s time, and guess whose shoulders it falls onto? Luckily, with the right tips and insight, anybody can plan a great corporate event. The best place to start may actually be learning what to avoid, and some of the common mistakes that are made by many people stuck with the duty of planning a company event.

  1. If It Can Go Wrong…:

    Murphy’s Law always seems to strike when it’s least beneficial, of course. It’s easy to envision an absolutely perfect corporate event that goes off without a hitch. But it’s also essential to realize the potential that a few snags could arise. Hope for the best, and plan for the worst, as they say.

  2. Day-Of Logistics:

    Just show up at the scheduled starting time and everything will come together for the event, right? Unfortunately, not so much. It’s crucial that enough time and resources are allotted for day-of logistics for a company event. Everything from setting up tables to getting organized with games or giveaways, getting the food and drink, and more, needs to be handled on-time, and before guests arrive and start getting antsy or annoyed. There will also need to be time post-party for cleanup and pack up, too.

  3. Going it Alone:

    Maybe the company dropped the ball in providing enough of a planning team or committee. That doesn’t mean that reinforcements can’t be called in, though. The best approach is to be as specific as possible in assigning duties. Don’t just ask for “help planning the company event”, instead, ask Suzy to put together the invites, and Jim to bring along the portable music system and speakers he always brags about.

  4. Appropriate Scheduling:

    Many individuals tasked with company event planning figure that if the organization picks a day, it must be good for everyone and their families. That’s not the case at all. While it’s impossible to plan around each person’s calendar and prior commitments, what can be done is carefully considering holidays, popular vacation times, school schedules, and even what work has been like in terms of business or travel commitments, before settling on a specific day.

  5. Where’s the Fun?:

    A couple of burgers on the grill, maybe some sunshine if everyone lucks out, and it’s a successful company event, right? Unless the goal is have employees dread the annual event, there needs to be more to it than that. Rent out bounce houses for the kids, plan sports activities and challenges for teens and adults, and look into carnival games for company events, too. Everyone will stay smiling and enjoying themselves, and that’s the ultimate idea.

Perhaps the best way to avoid making a mistake that dooms the day is hiring an experienced team to help with company event planning. For more than 40 years, Fun Services has been specializing in producing fun and successful company events of all shapes and sizes.

We offer a huge range of rentable games for company events, rides, activities and other types of entertainment, and we take care of all of the logistics of setup. We’ll also work our magic by ensuring that we can fit a fun day into almost any budget.

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