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22 July, 14

5 Reasons Every Company Should Host a Company Picnic

Picnic Midway GamesAs companies plan out their budgets and the types of activities or events they’re able to work into the calendar for their employees, it’s important to understand why every organization should host a company picnic in the summertime. Here are a few of the great reasons to host a company picnic this year.

  1. Teambuilding & Morale:

    Fun corporate events are easy ways to boost company morale, as well as participate in some good, old-fashioned team building. Let the employees hang out in a casual atmosphere, and have a good time with one another, their families, and management. Their ties to the organization will grow stronger thanks to a stress-free, fun-filled day they get to enjoy.

  2. Investment Into Future Success:

    Remember, when planned accordingly, a company picnic is far from an expense, but rather an investment into a superior organization that can provide long-lasting dividends. Happy, committed employees who work well with one another are more productive, and it’s an effect that can snowball into long-term success and increased profitability.

  3. Employee Appreciation:

    Along the same lines, company picnics are wonderful ways to show employee appreciation. This is a day designed for all-around good times and showing thanks to the employees who make an organization tick. Everyone gets to enjoy some fun, sun and food, along with great games, entertainment and activities, such as bounce house rentals and carnival games. Employees will get a chance to experience firsthand that the company really does appreciate them and the effort they put in.

  4. Grow the Company Family:

    By welcoming not only the employees, but their entire families, the organization is able to strengthen those bonds even more, and actually grow the company family at the same time. Children, spouses and significant others all see the appreciation shown, and are brought into the scene to enjoy it as well. It’s a commitment to each employee and his or her family, and it builds the corporate family in turn.

  5. Fun for Fun’s Sake:

    Who said there needed to be a reason to kick back and have fun? Sometimes the best reason to host a company picnic is simply fun for fun’s sake. Watch the kids bounce away on an inflatable bounce house rental, dunk the boss in a dunk tank, play carnival games and have a great time.

With more than four decades of experience planning fantastic company picnics across Ohio, western New York and western Pennsylvania, Fun Services has the expertise needed to produce a fun, successful and memorable corporate event for any organization. To learn more about bounce house rentals and a full range of available games, activities and services, call us at 800.362.8305.